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We are living in times of economic uncertainty. The U.S. and China are still facing hurdles in their trade war and Middle East tensions continue to rise.

One company to consider a small-cap metal exploration company called Surge Exploration Inc.

The company’s trading symbol is SURJF on the OTC markets in the U.S. and SUR on Canada’s TSX exchange.

Surge Exploration Inc. is involved with several interesting mining projects involving gold, copper, and cobalt. All three metals are widely used across the world in electronics, automobiles, and electric vehicles.

Cobalt is a key component in lithium-ion batteries that power electric vehicles (EVs).

Surge Exploration Inc. has said they are focused on becoming a precious metals and energy metals explorer, operating in Canada one of the most productive mining jurisdictions within North America.

Read our report on this mining company and all its projects below:

Surge Website

SURGE Property

Surge Exploration Inc. (OTC: SURJF) (TSX-V: SUR) is a Canadian based mineral exploration company which has been active in the resource sector in British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada.

The company’s primary focus is to find key metals including precious metals and energy metals, specifically gold, copper and cobalt; metals that have a near-term and long-term future in the new world economy.

David Roche, the President at Independent Strategy has commented that he expects a renewed rally for gold in the short term as reported by (CNN Markets, October 3, 2019, Gold, which is hovering at around $1,500, could rise to as high as $2,000 said Roche, especially if a trade deal between the U.S. and China fails to materialize by the year’s end.

Roche recommends investors hold gold in their portfolios, alongside some European fixed income and U.S. Treasury.  These investment decisions should be made only after consulting your investment advisor or accountant to determine if they are suitable for each individual.


Price of Gold

Copper wire, tubing, and piping are some of the most commonly used building materials in the plumbing and electrical industries. They are widely used in motor parts.  Copper just recently recovered from a two-year low.


Price of Copper Chart

Total cobalt demand to exceed 120,000 tonnes per annum by 2020, up approximately 30% from the 93,950 tonnes consumed in 2016. (Darton Commodities Limited, 2016, Source: Mining Technology, August 28, 2018 – ).

As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to explode, so may the demand for cobalt. The electric vehicle industry is massive with a worldwide eagerness to turn cars electric. Cobalt is a component in the batteries of electric vehicles.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) in its 2019 Electric Vehicle Outlook report see the total EV stock soaring to 548 million by 2040, or about 32% of the world’s passenger vehicles. (

There is also a need for a safer way of finding cobalt than in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and young children are risking their lives to mine it. More than 60% of the world’s supply of cobalt is mined in the “copper belt” of the south-eastern provinces of DRC. (Source: The Guardian, October 12, 2018

The price of cobalt has also been increasing recently.


Price of Cobalt

Ontario, Canada – Cobalt Properties

Surge Exploration Inc. (OTC: SURJF) (TSX-V: SUR) has the option to earn a 60% interest in two principal cobalt properties, The Teledyne Cobalt Property and the Glencore Bucke Cobalt Property, in the mining favourable jurisdiction of Ontario, Canada.

Map of Teledyne and Glencore Buck Cobalt Properties

Telendyne Properties

The two cobalt properties are adjacent to each other and are situated approximately 6 km east-northeast of the town of Cobalt, Ontario.  Highway 567 and a municipal road cross the Glencore Bucke Cobalt Property. The Properties are also accessible by a well-maintained secondary road; 6 km from downtown Cobalt. A cobalt ore custom mill exists within 2 km of the Teledyne Cobalt Property Ramp.  Both of these infrastructure investments add considerable value to our properties and will eliminate $millions in future costs to replicate. These two cobalt properties are directly on-strike with the Cobalt Camp’s most prolific past producing cobalt mine – the Agaunico Mine.

The Teledyne Cobalt Property consists of 5 patented and 8 unpatented mining claims covering an area of approximately 607.1 ha, while the Glencore Bucke Cobalt Property Bucke Property consists of 1 patented mining claim covering an area of approximately 16.2 ha.

The Teledyne Property is subject to a production royalty in favour of New Found Gold and an off-take agreement in favour of Glencore Canada Corp., while the Glencore Bucke Property is subject to a back-in provision, production royalty, and an off-take agreement in favor of Glencore Canada Corp. Glencore plc is the world’s largest producer of cobalt.

British Columbia, Canada – Copper Gold Property “Hedge Hog”

Surge Exploration Inc. (OTC: SURJF) (TSX-V: SUR) has entered into a property option agreement with Eastfield Resources Ltd. (“Eastfield”) dated November 14, 2017 (“the Agreement”), whereby the Company may earn an undivided 60% interest in seven mineral tenures covering 2,418 hectares (5,972 acres) located approximately 80 km northeast of the town of Quesnel, BC and 20 km north of the historic gold mining towns of Wells and Barkerville.

Map of Hedge Hog Property

Hedge Hog Properties

The Hedge Hog Property is accessed from Quesnel BC by paved Highway 26 to Wells BC. To access the Lottie, the Ketchum Forest Service Road (2400 Road) leaves the highway approximately 23 kilometres west of Wells, at approximately 26 kilometres up (north) the 2400 Road turn east onto the Big Valley road and travel 22 kilometres to the Lottie area. Numerous spur roads offer quad and 4×4 pickup access throughout the Lottie area.

Access to the Khan Khan area is north on the Ketchum (2400) road for approximately 47 kilometres from Highway 26 and then southwest on a logging spur for another 11 kilometres to the Khan Khan area (the southwest end of this road was in the process of being deactivated in September 2014).

The Golden Sky showing is best accessed from Wells by driving northeast 17.6 kilometres along the Bowron Lake Road, then left onto the Ketchum Forest Service Road (2400 Road) for 22 kilometres, then north on a logging spur for 5 kilometres.

The nearest power line in the vicinity of the Hedge Hog project extends along the Bowron Lake Road to service local residents and the Bowron Lake Provincial Park.

The Hedge Hog property is comprised of seven MTO mineral tenures covering 2,417.7 hectares (5,972 acres) and is located approximately 80 km northeast of the town of Quesnel, BC and 20 km north of the historic gold mining towns of Wells and Barkerville. The claims are centred on UTM NAD83 Zone 10 co-ordinates 592722E, 5899360N and are 100% owned by Eastfield.

British Columbia, Canada – Copper Gold Property “Mineral Mountain”

Surge Exploration Inc. (OTC: SURJF) (TSX-V: SUR) additionally 100% owns a group of claim blocks comprising 19,655 hectares (197 sq km) located in North Central British Columbia approximately 15 km north of Fort St. James. The region is host to numerous operating mines, good infrastructure including experienced exploration and supporting services.  The claims are not subject to any royalty terms, back-in rights, payments or any other agreements and encumbrances.

Map of Mineral Mountain Properties

Mineral Mountain Map

Surge announced on May 6, 2019 that has acquired a 100% interest in four additional claims adjoining its Copper Porphyry Mineral Claims located in North Central BC by entering into a Purchase and Sale Agreement with Venture Capital IQ to acquire the additional claims. The Agreement is subject TSX Venture Exchange approval.

The Omineca Group of 12 claim blocks (see map) lie in the Omineca Mining Division of north-central British Columbia, approximately 150 km north of Fort St. James.  The claims are not subject to any royalty terms, back-in rights, payments or any other agreements and encumbrances.

Prominent among early discoveries in the Omineca region were the nearby Lustdust/Stardust property (Sun Metals Corp. TSXV: SUNM) covering a large, coherent integrated porphyry-skarn-manto, epithermal system; the Kwanika property (Serengeti Resources Inc./POSCO Daewoo TSXV: SIR) a promising advanced stage copper-gold project; the Lorraine property (Teck Resources and Sun Metals) host to a significant coppergold NI 43-101 compliant resource.  The Surge tenures are located between the Kemess North project being developed by Centerra Gold’s subsidiary Aurico Metals and Centerra Gold’s operation Mt Milligan mine.

Gold Visualized

Visual Info Graphics by

British Columbia, Canada – Golden Triangle “Trapper Lake”

Surge Exploration Inc. (OTC: SURJF) (TSX-V: SUR) has completed a major claim staking program partly adjoining the Thorn Project owned by Brixton Metals Corp. located in the Sutlahine River area of northwestern British Columbia (northern tip of the “Golden Triangle”). The Company owns 100% of this project.

Map of Trapper Lake Property

Trapper Lake Map

British Columbia’s Golden Triangle mining region lies in the wide volcanic belt North American Cordillera and extends from the south near Stewart, British Columbia and heads north to the Alaskan panhandle, home to several mineral exploration projects, historic mines and current mining operations.

Surge Exploration Inc. (OTC: SURJF) (TSX-V: SUR) just recently entered into a Property Option Agreement to acquire a 100% interest in three mineral claims known as the Caledonia, Cascade and Bluebell, subject to a 2% NSR.

The claims are located in the Nanaimo Mining District of northern Vancouver Island, adjacent to the joint venture partnership between Freeport-McMoRan and Northisle Copper and Gold Inc. and under the terms of this joint venture partnership agreement, Freeport-McMoRan can earn up to a 65% with C$24 million in exploration expenditures over seven years.

Battery Power

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Freeport-McMoRan is currently one of the world’s largest copper producers!

Mr. Tim Fernback, Surge President & CEO stated: “Northern Vancouver Island has had a strong history of mineral exploration and mining, but it remains relatively underexplored, meaning there is plenty of blue-sky potential for today’s mining companies.”

He added, “The most recent evidence of this potential and it’s ability to attract investment is the joint venture partnership between Freeport-McMoRan and Northisle Copper and Gold Inc. Apart from the previously mined BHP deposit, there are a number of large copper porphyry occurrences which, taken together, (see Northisle website) have a reported Life of Mine metal production of 1.8 billion pounds of Copper, 1.7 million ounces of Gold and 55 million pounds of molybdenum. Surge management sees strong potential for the exploration and discovery of an attractive mineral deposit in this environment. I believe we can greatly expand on the known mineral resource at the Caledonia property. The potential of the area is exciting for me personally and we believe for our investors as well.”

There is no denying we are living in uncertain times right now with the U.S. China trade war and the mounting problems in the Middle East.

Gold prices have recently been holding support around $1,500/oz. The demand for cobalt and copper could increase as the automotive and electric vehicle industries increase sales.

Surge Exploration Inc. (OTC: SURJF) (TSX-V: SUR) is a company to consider.


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