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About Us

Surge Exploration Inc. is a Canadian mineral exploration company with projects located in the mining-friendly jurisdictions of North America.


Our mission is to locate commercial grade metal deposits and to eventually have our properties producing these key metals for buyers around the world.  We will focus our business on gold, copper and silver.


To our shareholders, we propose to professionally manage several world-class exploration projects spread across various international mining-friendly jurisdictions.

Our primary focus will be on finding key metals including precious metals and energy metals, specifically gold, copper and cobalt; metals that have a near-term and long-term future in the new world economy. This market focus will provide you, the shareholder, with confidence in your investment at all times.

Letter From Our President

Dear Shareholders,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you as investors in Surge Exploration, as we successfully list on not only the TSX Venture Exchange Market, but also on OTCQB Markets and the Frankfurt Exchange. While we are at an early stage in developing our assets, I am, along with the board and wider team of Surge Exploration, determined to grow our business into a leading Western Hemisphere precious metals and energy metals explorer, capitalising on the opportunity of operating in one of the world’s most productive mining jurisdictions within North America.

Surge Exploration’s strategy is clear: we are well-placed with our existing balance sheet and world-class locations for our exploration properties, to continue to develop our current projects. We are also in a position to look to acquire further quality assets, such as strategically placed gold, copper and silver exploration projects, additional exploration acreage and brownfield development projects to support our future growth.

While the strength of our asset base is a differentiator, our core strength is in the quality of our team. With the oversight of best in class explorers, operators, and industry partners we will have a sharp focus on effectively delivering our growth projects, to build long-term value for all of you that have made the decision to invest in Surge Exploration.

We believe emphatically in accountability and transparency in the way that we conduct our business and this includes an active dialogue with you, our shareholders. I look forward to meeting with many of you in the future and updating you on our future progress.

The journey ahead for Surge Exploration is an exciting one and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Rick Wilson